Mitsubishi Silver Master Plate Former PF-110H – 011422115114

The Silver Master plate formers, PF-60, PF-60H and PF-110H are machines de­signed for use with SILVER MASTER and SILVER DIGIPLATE polyester based direct to plate materials.
This innovative plate bending machine allows for very precise bends to be made in polyester film based printing plates. The machine can be used in conjunction with business forms presses as well as commercial web presses, and is very easy to operate.


Forming Method: Blade actuated. Heat and pressure method.

Register System: Edge contact method. * Three presets can be set.

Plate Materials Used: Silver Master or Silver Digi plate polyester based plates.

Effective Width: 254-600mm (10 to 235/8″)

Effective Thickness: 0.125-0.20mm (.005 to .008″)

Eff. Bend Size: 3 – 35mm (1/8 to l 3/8″)

Bend Accuracy: + 0.1mm ( + .004″) or less

Dimensions: 710 X 900 X 970mm (28.0 X 35.4 X 38.2″)

Weight: 70kg (154 LBS)

Electrical:  115-120V lKW or 220-240V lKW

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