MiniPack Torre Minimini Packaging Machine – 081120074900

S/N: 4785

Thanks to the particulars of the operating circuit, the MiniPack Torre Minimini can be used to both as a sealing and a shrinking machine or just as a simple sealing machine. This allows for the possibility for objects to be sealed in soft bagging without shrink-wrapping. Technical grade or food grade films with thickness’s in the range of 15-50 microns can be used.

-Capable of carrying out 300 packages an hour

-Working Environmental Conditions:

  • Temperature from 5 Celsius up to 40 Celsius
  • Relative humidity from 30% to 90% without condensation


  • Volts: 115
  • Hz: 60
  • Watts: 1050
  • Amps: 9
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