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MCS Straight Shooter R-12 Friction Feeder – 041422000070A

Model: R-12

S/N: 4039


The Straight Shooter R-12 Friction Feeder is an economical and innovative machine designed for quick setup and operation. The R-12 is excellent at non-stop feeding postcards, envelopes, folded marketing material, cartons, and a wide assortment of other types of flat and semi-flat materials.

Use the R-12 to feed products continuously into:

  • Labeling Machines
  • Inkjet Printers
  • Wafer Sealers and Tabbers
  • Buckle and Plow Folders
  • Tip-on / Attaching Machines

Almost any application that requires continuous product is a good candidate for an R-12 Friction Feeder.

Why the R-12 Friction Feeder works so well:

Five-minute setup: The simple design ensures that machine operators can set up and start production within five minutes, without any tools.

Fifteen-minute maintenance:  Replace all the regular wear items like feed belts in fifteen minutes or less. No special skills or training are required.

Reliability:  Except for regular maintenance, you won’t likely remember the last time it needed repair, if ever.

Low Cost:  Your initial investment and ongoing operational costs are minimal compared to incredibly proud brands with costly parts and support.

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