MCS Falcon Inkjet System w/ Speed-Dri Drying System – 051624462003A

Model: 5060-10-1-00 Speed-Dri Drying System 

S/N: 101187-01-1558-1204

MCS Falcon Inkjet Features and Specifications

The most successful HP inkjet addressing system in the mail manufacturing industry.

  • Low capital cost
  • Easy to use
  • Over 90 different type of inks including spot color
  • Low maintenance
Feature Data
Print Area 2″ up to 34″
Inkjet Technology Thermal inkjet cartridge technology
Native Vertical Resolution 600 DPI
Max Pieces Per Hour (PPH #10 envelope) Horizontal DPI
8,000 PPH 600 DPI
12,000 PPH 400 DPI
16,000 PPH 300 DPI
24,000 PPH 200 DPI
32,000 PPH 150 DPI
Drop Size 26 to 38 PL
Types of Inks Dye, pigments, polymer pigments, solvents (over 90 options)
Compatibility with other MCS Inkjets Osprey, Eagle

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