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MBO KAS 30 ME Mobile Delivery for Paper Folder – 121421075712

Type: KAS 30

Machine No.: 80940909

S/N: G 7402

Mobile Delivery Description

What always puts KAS 30 ME into high gear is the processing of especially small formats, like for instance package inserts for pharmaceuticals since they cannot be handled as a conventional stream delivery due to their low product height. The special delivery technique of the small sheet delivery prevents the products from colliding, thus ensuring a trouble-free production.

It’s also the „little things“ that are decisive for smooth production processes. Apart from its special design to handle even smallest formats, the mobile KAS 30 ME comes with many other benefits: for instance the spreading of multiple-ups by diverging round belts. Or the marking device which considerably facilitates discharge/loading by a preselection option for a certain number of products. The correct product run is regulated by a light barrier and a counter. A real benefit – especially for finished products which have to be exactly counted for loading or packaging. Due to its built-in controller, the KAS 30 ME may also be used together with older machines or machines from an external supplier.

Mobile Delivery Features

Built-in controller
Continuous stream delivery
Marking by 2 cm shifting
Light barrier and counter
Equipment for two-up production

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