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Mathias Bauerle Multimaster CAS 38 Computer-Controlled Folding Machine – 030223154001A

The computer-control facilitates machine operation. All important settings are made at the push of a button by means of a dialogue display. After the type of fold has been entered, the fold plate stops move to the calculated position and the deflectors are engaged automatically. Fold roller setting does not require a special know-how either, because the computer calculates and displays the optimum roller gap on the basis of the measured paper thickness and the chosen type of fold. Setting up saved jobs is even more convenient. In addition to the positioning of fold plate stops, sheet gap, speed, suction duration, shingled delivery and counting functions are also set. The optimum roller gap, including all individual corrections, is also determined by the control and therefore easily reproducible.

Model: CAS 38
S/N: 00059262


  • Automatic fold plate setting
  • Semi-automatic fold roller setting
  • 7 standard folds are pre-programmed
  • Other folds are freely programmable
  • Program memory for 60 repetitive jobs
  • Automatic paper thickness measurement
  • 4 fold plates in each fold unit
  • No calculating of stop positions
  • No removal of fold plates
  • No inserting of deflectors


Paper sizes:
max. 38 x 65 cm; min. 7 x 12 cm (PBA)
max. 38 x 65 cm; min. 10 x 12 cm (FSA)

Fold length:
max. 46.5 cm; min. 3.5 cm / 1.8 cm

Paper weight:
40 to 250 GMS

200 m / min (depending on material)

3 x 400 V / 50 Hz / N / PE

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