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Marconi Data Systems Videojet Excel Inkjet Printer 170i – 022723074137A

Model: Excel / 170i
S/N: I92L24009

The printer is a lower case inkjet printer for contactless mark products.
Application: for commercial marking and labeling purposes.
The device can print on any surface, any structure, any profile and on any form. (according to the manufacturer)
Equipped with two control units.

other features:
– dimension height: 3.3 – 8.6mm and 1/8 “- 1/3”; Points of reference: 62 digits;
– operation is via control unit
– equipment with control unit 170i and accessories Control unit 178i

– machine: L: 600 x W: 650 x H: 1800mm
– control units: L: 203 x W: 508 x H: 610mm

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