MAAG Mercure Model TAURUS Envelope Sealing & Counting Machine – 031824400004A

This TAURUS series is considered as the most powerful stand-alone envelope sealing machine of the world. The TAURUS combines all features of the previous models of this format. In addition, this machine seals envelopes with content thicknesses up to 16mm. Depending on the model, this machine can also be equipped with the automatic start / stop system and / or a built-in counter. Furthermore this series is equipped with the new DC drive system, thus this envelope sealing machine can be operated with 110VAC / 60Hz and 240VAC / 50Hz.

To seal envelopes with wide, rectangular flaps, the machine can be equipped with a special basin (option 604SF).

Operating voltage:  85…264VAC / 50Hz…60Hz

Standby: 18 Watts / 80 mA

Rated Power: 91 Watts / 400 mA (max.)

Dimensions (incl. format slide unit): 1110 (max.) x 370 x 370 mm (l x w x h)

Weight: 25.6 kg

Piling-Option: standard (for stacked and nested envelopes!)

Automatic Start/Stop: standard on models TAURUS IR/IRC

Counter (integrated): standard on models TAURUS C/IRC

Length of receiving tray:  382 mm (standard)

Max. width of envelope : 250 mm (B5/B4, B6/5)

Max. thickness of package*: 16 mm

Max. sealing capacity (C5, C5/6): 18,000 envelopes per hour

Power cable length (fixed): 2 meters

Area of use: according to EU-Norms

Licensing: CE

* Position of basin two-stage adjustable for envelopes from 0…8mm and 8…16mm. The contents of the envelope in the case of letter thicknesses> 8 mm must be homogeneous, i.e. the max. deviation within the envelope may not exceed 1 mm. Folded letters should be folded as flat as possible! In the interest of further technical development, any design and technical modifications to the Envelope Sealing Machine are reserved.

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