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Loveshaw Little David LD-7D Case Sealer – 111819083710

Loveshaw Little David LD-7D Case Sealer

S/N 150652537

Case Sealer Description

A work horse like no other! The Loveshaw LD-7 pressure sensitive case taper has been providing significant labor savings for production facilities for over a decade. Studies have shown that a single person utilizing a uniform case sealer like the LD-7 can process the same number of cartons in 5 minutes as an operator using a handheld tape dispenser can do in 30 minutes!

Designed to run batches of uniform carton sizes, the operator can re-adjust the Loveshaw LD7 for change over to a new box size in less than 1 minute. Standard 110 Volt power means you can plug it in, set your carton size and run production. Changing over the rolls of machine length box sealing tape is super simple. For reference easy tape threading instructions are printed right on the included CAC50 tape cartridge.

A LD7 high speed tape kit is available for this taper that will improve your belt speed from 80 to 110 feet per minute. This increase in speed will allow you more throughput during the day, effectively increasing your production levels.

Have a shorter box and can’t quite find the right sealer for it? Look no further than our Legend Series uniform case sealer. That amazing machine can seal boxes as short as 2-5/8″ tall (this machine has a minimum height capacity of 4-1/2″). Otherwise we have our case sealer selector tool that can help you find the right sealer for your needs.

Belt Orientation Bottom
Optimal Throughput 26 cases/min
Belt Speed 80 ft/min
Minimum Box Length 4 1/2″
Maximum Box Length Unlimited
Minimum Box Width 4 1/2″
Maximum Box Width 22″
Minimum Box Height 4 1/2″
Maximum Box Height 24″

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