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LogoJet-UVX60-UV Direct to Substrate Printer – 021921024930

LogoJET’s UVFLEX60 uses our new line of FLEXIBLE UV-curable inks to produce vibrant full color plus white ink imprints on a variety of substrates. Typical UV inks will crack on flexible materials such as vinyl, leather, stress balls, EVA foam and TPU to name a few. With our new flexible ink formula, cracking is minimized. This ink may need more cure time to dry before handling or packaging depending on the material. LogoJET’s UVFLEX60 can print on virtually any object with an expanded print area of 24”W x 18”L x 6”H. An adjustable flatbed and easily repositionable tray fixtures make it easy to print on products made of metal, plastic, rubber, leather, textiles and more! Print speed for a full print run ranges from 4 mins (text imprint) to 15 mins (full color coverage).



  • Includes 1 complete set of Flexible UV Ink ($920.00 value)
  • Automatic platform height adjustment to accommodate different sized products up to 6” in height
  • Bulk ink delivery system in 200mL bags to reduce maintenance, refills and exposure to light
  • UV LED curing lamp to cure ink while printing
  • White ink for underlay on dark substrates or to create opaque imprints on clear glass and acrylics
  • Clear gloss to create glossy overlays
  • Primer to create textures and increase adhesion on difficult substrates
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