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Linotype-Hell Quasar 4570 Imagesetter – 063021080453

Type: 4570

S/N: 53310592

Linotype Hell – Quasar 4570 Imagesetter with Agfa Rapiline 28 Plateprocessor and RIP
Precision internal drum laser reorder
Heidelberg Press Compatibility:
Automatic imagesetter system for outputting Quickmaster 46 format up to Speedmaster 52 format
Laser diode, emission wavelength 670-680 nm
Light beam deflected via a rotating, air-cushioned prism; inside drum
20.7″ x 19.9″ for positive imaging
Resolution dependent from 21 to 11 microns
Up to 200 lpi with 256 gray scale levels; Up to 400 lpi w/ Deltatechnology and I.S.
+/- 0.2 mil over full format and eight successive films exposed consecutively, disregarding distortions in the photographic material caused by fluctuations in temperature and humidity
Positive, negative, right-reading, wrong-reading
Photographic materials in roll form
Daylight load film and RC paper; polyester plates, 4-7 mil think for sensitive emission wavelengths of 670-680nm
11″-20.9″ in increments of 1.2″
Max. 197ft of 4mil thick photographic material
Max. 100ft of 4 mil thick photographic material
Bacher ‘Control 2000’ or Stoesser format head punch standard
90-132 Vac; 180-264 Vac; 47-63Hz
SpeedWay interface a high speed interface for bitmap transmission and communications, interface; for connecting an online processor

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