Linotype-Hell AG Topaz 3240-2 Scanner – 070122000328A

Model: Linotype-Hell AG

Type: 3240-2

S/N: 963430808

Trilineare color CCD line with 3 x 8000 pixel.
Incl. LinoColor scanner software.
Option: Copix, Robot

Linotype bright High-End production-Scanning has new defined. The Topaz eclipses competitors in every manner. He impresses by an astonishing optical quality in detail and in the color, very high resolutions, incomparable separation CMYK and full support for the rennet specification.

Scans can be stored in the RENNET, in RGB, CMYK, or as a TIFF or EP. Default setting for Scans is CMYK

Size of the presentations:
Transparencies to 9.8 x 18 inches; reflective to 12 x 18 inches; to 20 mm in the strength

To 10800 dpi

color space:
color with 48 bits: Rennet CIE, CMYK, RGB, Grayscale, black and white

TIFF, EP, photo shop and CT.

With this device you produce High Scans
The picture of your photos and pictures should be so high grade as possible. Only an outdated, optimally adjusted HighEnd scanner with new profiles ICC can perform this. Hence, with the picture quality you should make no deductions and invest only in general-outdated devices.

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