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Ledco Heavy Duty 60in Laminator with Stand – 061021075710

The Ledco Heavy Duty 60″ industrial laminator is the ultimate laminator for large production plants, manufacturers, and media printing shops with high volume laminating needs. Combining the best elements of dependability, speed, quality, precision, low maintenance, and ease-of-use, the Ledco Heavy Duty 60″ laminator fits easily into any environment while providing improved production rates. The Ledco Industrial HD 60 laminator handles laminating documents up to 60″ wide, easily beating out the competition of other wide-format laminators. Equipped with numerous features listed below, the HD-60 industrial laminator fits nicely into any governement office, reprographics shop, digital printers, military installations, and other businesses with large laminating demands. Rest assured with the quality, dependability, and speed of the Ledco Heavy Duty 60″ industrial laminator today. Shop now with and save.
S/N: HD-60-040
  • Intelligent heat controllers display both the set temperature and the actual temperature. The microprocessor in the control quickly learns to anticipate the heat demand of each job and keeps the actual temperature within a few degrees of the set temperature.
  • Laminating and pull rollers are covered with quality silicone rubber for superior release quality, higher lamination quality and easier cleaning. The laminating rollers and pull rollers are interchangeable to help keep maintenance costs down.
  • Pneumatic power opens or closes the laminating and pull rollers and gives you a precise and independent control of roll pressure. A compressor is built in so that shop air is not required.
  • Removable heat shoes are Teflon coated to reduce film abrasion. They are easily unplugged and removed to clean or replace the laminating rollers.
  • Built-in retractable slitters save an enormous amount of cutting time by trimming away side scrap during the lamination process. The two heads can be adjusted independently with great precision.
  • Dual tension knobs (clutches) for each supply roll mandrel are easy to use and provide as little or as much tension as needed to keep work flat and wrinkle free.
  • Forced air cooling is essential when running thicker films, because the lamination needs to be cooled to get good results. These machines have rows of fans mounted above and below the film as it leaves the laminating rollers.
  • Easy access controls are conveniently located and grouped for effective operation.
  • The safety guard is built into the feed tray, and the machine will not run without the feed tray in place. Stop buttons on both sides of the machine front and back contribute to a complete safety package. The back rollers are also guarded.
  • Both upper and lower rollers are driven to minimize the wrinkling or curling that can occur when one roller is driven.
  • A removable bottom idler bar makes it much easier to thread film.
  • Standard precision feed tray has both left and right side guides and is adjustable from a few inches to the width of the machine.
  • All electrical components conform to NRTL standards.


  • Lamination Width: 60″
  • Variable Speed – FPM: 0-35
  • Laminating Roller Diameter: 3″
  • Max. Laminating Thickness: 1/2″
  • Max. Film Roll Diameter: 16″
  • Dimensions: 60″L x 58″H x 40″D
  • Electrical:220V, 50/60 Hz, 8800 watts, 40 amps
  • Heater Wattage:7200 watts
  • Motor: 1/2 HP DC
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