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LECTROJOG 775 Table Top Paper Jogger – 063020021500

LECTROJOG 775 Table Top Paper Jogger

S/N 766153

Paper Jogger Description

Reduce paper jams in your copier by jogging the paper first. This puts air between the sheets to loosen them up which reduces double feeds and jams. This pocket style jogger is designed to jog larger paper stocks like 11″x17″ and still fits easily on a desk or table.

It will hold a full ream of 8.5″x11″, 8.5″x 14″, 11″x17″ and a 1/2 ream of 14″x20″ paper. The metal sides of the pocket are taller than the 665 models listed above. Simple on/off operation quickly turns a jumbled stack of paper into a neatly organized stack

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