Lauda WK 1200 Recirculating Chiller – 041423131079D

Type: WK 1200
S/N: LWG733-12-1003

This air-cooled WK 1200 circulation chiller with a filling volume of 16 to 23L has a closed cooler circuit for continuous nonstop work in research production at temperatures from 0 to 40°C. It is used where operating heat has to be discharged reliably and quickly in chemical production processes or from technical systems in harsh, constant use environments. Unlike cooling with tap water, this chilling circulator provides a constant temperature irrespective of the time of year and pressure fluctuations. The independent cooling-water system instead of a central cooling-water supply avoids the leakage of substances that are hazardous to the environment. The water savings also protects the environment and significantly reduces operating costs. The WK 1200 circulation chiller has an LED display and a 3-button operation, and features a submersible pump that eliminates seal problems at the pump shaft. Standard accessories include nipples and screw caps. Applications include rotary evaporators and Soxhlet systems, analytical devices such as electron microscopes, X-ray units, refractometers, distilling systems, X-ray control systems such as at airports and semiconductor systems, control of cooling traps such as in the drying of gasses, and central cooling water supplies for complete laboratories to replace cooling with tap water. Cooling Type: Air Cooled. Working Temperature Range: 0 To 40°C. Resolution Of Setting: 0.1°C. Control: Compressor On/Off. Temperature Stability: +/- 0.5K. Effective Cooling Output At 20°C: 1.20kW. Effective Cooling Output At 0°C: 0.28kW. Connection: G 3/4. Thread Inner Diameter: 15mm. Maximum Pump Pressure: 3.2bar. Maximum Pump Flow: 40L/min. For Tubings: 3/4in. Filling Volume: 16 To 23L. Dimensions: 450 x 550 x 790mm. Pressure Measurement/Parameter: Analogue/Bypass. Protection Level: IP32. Noise Level: 59dB(A). Additional Feature: Level Indication. Power Supply: 115V/60Hz. Weight: 75kg. Loading: 1.2kW
  • Working Temp Range Range: 0 to 40°C | Filling Volume: 16 to 23L | Electrical: 115V/60Hz | Air-Cooled Design
  • Max Pump Pressure: 3.2bar; Max Pump Flow: 40L/min; Cooling Output @ 20°C: 1.20kW; Dimensions: 450 x 550 x 790mm
  • LED display and 3-button operation. Features a submersible pump that eliminates seal problems at the pump shaft.
  • LAUDA® recirculating chillers are ideal for instrumentation which requires operating heat to be discharged quickly in chemical production processes or constant use environments.
  • Designed for laboratory use with rotary evaporators, Soxhlet extractors, X-ray units, Refractometers and Distilling Apparatus.

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