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KRF 110 Heavy Duty Standard Model Dry Pump – 120122000799A

Model: KRF110-VB-05-101
S/N: 1X0004

Continuous Operating Vacuum
60 kPa or less (V/VB)
80 kPa or less (VH / VBH)
Continuous Operating Pressure
60 kPa or less (B/VB)
70 kPa or less (BH)
80 kPa or less (VBH)
Flow Rate
1350 to 2200 L/min (60 Hz)
  • Safe and Environmentally Conscious
    CE Marking Certified

    • Models without motors are excluded.
  • Quiet Operation
    Noise level reduced by 3 dB
    (compared with conventional models)
  • Long Life
    Increased 10% with newly developed vane blade material.
    (compared with conventional models)

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