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Konica Minolta DiALTA Di 183 Digital Press – 110419021250

Konica Minolta DiALTA Di 183 Digital Press

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Digital Press Description

With knowledge a key factor in the information age, document management can be of existential importance. Even smallish workgroups of 4-6 people face the crucial challenge of handling their information workflow efficiently. The proper choice is the Di183 from Minolta.
The new Minolta solution is the multi-tasking time tool which delivers 18 copies or prints a minute in up to A3 format at 600 x 600 dpi enhances the efficiency of their group workflow. Its multi-functionality also extends to intelligent faxing, e-mailing and scanning features. The optional Internet faxing function, for example, enables documents to be faxed around the world at the cost of a local call. The speedy 16 ppm scanning capability has the added advantage of a 50-sheet automatic scan feed – so nobody needs to stand around feeding up each sheet of a document. Other productivity-boosting features include up to six-way paper loading with a maximum capacity of 1300 sheets and an offset sorting function that clearly separates different sets of a print job – invaluable in a workgroup environment.

Thanks to an open, modular architecture Di183 can be easily and effectively integrated into your existing information workflow where they then serve as communication centres, performing a key hub function in the document management process. Di183 from Minolta is a significant success factor for any small workgroup

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