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Kodak NexPress NexGlosser Glossing Unit

Glossing Unit Description

New application opportunities: made possible with Kodak NexPress fifth imaging unit solutions Direct mail, brochures, and other communications deliver their full visual impact and make a lasting impression when they are designed with bright images, outstanding gloss or bold colors that jump off the page.

Kodak NexPress intelligent color, coating and glossing are three unique fifth imaging unit solutions for smart print providers to expand their businesses and deliver higher-impact communications for their customers. They build on the already tremendous advantages of printing on Kodak NexPress digital production color presses—from outstanding image quality and on-demand delivery to greater workflow efficiency.

Intelligent coating—enhanced image protection Ideal for a wide range of image-rich applications, from book covers and direct mail, to greeting cards and postcards, the Kodak NexPress intelligent coating solution lets users add a flood or spot coating of Kodak NexPress clear dry ink as an additional protective layer. It is also designed to increase efficiency by reducing damage to images that can be caused by finishing and bulk-mailing equipment. This solution can also produce an authenticating watermark on coupons, communicate copyrights on proofs of portrait images, and be used as a graphic element as on the back of this sheet.

Intelligent color—richer color gamut The Kodak NexPress intelligent color solution enables professional printers to meet two critical printing challenges: matching more Pantone or custom colors and reproducing widergamut images. To achieve a richer color gamut and match custom colors more accurately, users can add Kodak NexPress red, green or blue dry ink to the standard four-color process. Software features built into the Kodak NexStation front end, like innovative color management tools and carefully crafted ICC profiles, make working with a fifth color simple, fast and virtually error-free. Intelligent glossing—high gloss for high impact The Kodak NexPress intelligent glossing solution enables additional printing opportunities for image-rich applications, including book covers, digital-photo prints, coffee-table books, greeting cards and brochures.

It features Kodak NexPress clear dry ink and the new Kodak NexGlosser glossing unit, which delivers enhanced image quality and a laminate-like gloss for higher marketing impact. An integrated barcode reader in the NexGlosser unit determines exact job requirements to help eliminate manual intervention and errors, and automates the near-line finishing process.

Speed 35 A4/letter pages per minute first side
35 A4/letter pages per minute second side
Gloss level* 64 – 90 G20**
Type Coated matte and coated gloss
Weight Single sided: 118 – 350 g/m2 (80# text – 130# cover)
Double sided: 150 – 350 g/m2 (100# text – 130# cover)
Sheet size Minimum: 279 x 200 mm (11.0 x 8.3 in.) (A x B)
Maximum: 356 x 520 mm (14.0 x 20.5 in.) (A x B)
Dimension A (min-max): 279 to 356 mm (11.0 to 14.0 in.)
Dimension B (min-max): 200 to 520 mm (8.3 to 20.5 in.)
Input feeder capacity 850 sheets at 118 g/m2
(80# text)
Output tray capacity 1700 sheets at 118 g/m2
(80# text)
Setup Semiautomatic Using built-in barcode scanning
Manual Pre-selection of defined jobs
Site requirements Electrical 230/208 V, 50/60 Hz, 30 A, 1 phase
Compressed air 50 Nl/minute, 5 bar
Dimension (l x w x h) 1.88 x .86 x 1.38 m (6 ft. 2 in. x 2 ft. 9.75 in. x 4 ft. 6.5 in.)
Environmental Temperature range: 17 – 28

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