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Kirk Rudy KR882N Near-IR Dryer w/ Streamfeeder and Conveyor – 081023266016A

Model: 215-N
S/N: 1009 07384

Model: 882-1
S/N: 1009 142

Model: V710 Inkjet StreamFeeder
S/N: 71011 101

Model: 314-10
S/N: 1009 3667

KR215 Base

The original transport base with built in shuttle feeder.

Feed and transport a wide variety of products using the KR215IJ inkjet base. Designed for stand-alone operation, it is perfectly suited for use with all kinds of products such as paper, card stock, chipboard, flat corrugated, and even booklets, magazines, and newspapers. A fully adjustable feed hopper quickly and easily adjusts for a full range of product sizes. It’s “load from the top, feed from the bottom” design allows for continuous, non-stop operation.

This unique shuttle feeder base has been proven through the years to be an ideal solution for mounting inkjet systems and labelers for use in production environments.


  • Dual motor belt drive
  • Quick-release jam kit
  • Semi-automatic lubrication system
  • Easy to change tabletop belts


  • 20”, 36” and 58” length extensions
  • 24”, 30” and 36” widths available
  • Variety of feeders and autoloaders
  • Gantry mounts
  • Counter
  • Divert units

The KR Near-IR Dryer is the economical solution the mailing industry is turning to for drying water-based inks

The KR882N Near-IR Inkjet Dryer is the economical solution the mailing industry is turning to for drying water-based inks.

Energy efficient and a cost effective design combine to make the KR Near-Infrared Dryer one red-hot bargain. Lower operating costs and faster line speeds means the KR Near-IR helps you get more value out of your existing inkjet system.


  • The KR Near-IR Dryer is equipped with Near Infrared bulbs that concentrate the energy on the water molecules of the ink instead of the substrate, providing faster drying and better adhesion on coated stocks and cards
  • Lower capital and operating cost. The efficiency gain of Near Infra-Red technology allows the dryer to operate at a lower setting, saving on electrical consumption and extending bulb life
  • Designed and built to interface with Kirk-Rudy equipment, the KR Near-IR Dryer can also be used with most other major brands of equipment
  • Interconnects with transport base so the dryer only runs when the transport base is running
  • Automatic temperature control is based on line speed. Dryer output automatically adjusts for speed changes
  • Engineered for ease of setup, maintenance and troubleshooting


  • Durable steel construction/powder coat paint
  • Quality precision parts
  • Quick access split shell design
  • Variable speed DC motor
  • Adjustable feed belts for added feeding performance
  • Feeds tall stack heights of 8.5″ x 11″ and A4 sheets with ease
  • Advancing gate enables maintenance without stopping a job
  • Optional external run input for integrated start/stop control
  • Maximum Product Size: 12 W x 12 L in
  • Minimum Product Size: 3.75 W x 3.75 L in

Versatile, low cost solution for product delivery.

Solid sheet metal construction makes this the most rugged, dependable conveyor for production environments on the market today. Extremely versatile, can be used with a wide assortment of paper handling equipment such as inkjet addressing machines, labeling and stacking equipment, as well as offset and digital presses and finishing equipment.

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