Kirk Rudy KR545T Triple Tabber w/ 496-F Friction Feeder – 061924483003C

Model: 545-T

S/N: 1503 362

Model: 496-F

S/N: 1503 2230

Kirk Rudy KR545T Triple Tabber

The KR545T mailing tabber tabs lead-edge, trail-edge and side edges all in a single pass. It handles large 18″ diameter rolls and runs all major types of tabs as well as pressure sensitive stamps and labels of various shapes and sizes. Multiple tabs or labels can be applied in a single pass.

The KR545T runs in-line with most standard addressing and binding systems and its triple-web design is ideal for use behind a Stitcher/Trimmer. Use it with the KR565 splice unit for uninterrupted continuous tabbing and labeling.


  • Servo driven controls
  • Side register belts for tight tabs
  • Touch screen tab location feature
  • Side to side tabletop adjustment
  • Industry standard motors and controls
  • Quick-release upper belt system
  • Quick release peel plates
  • Runs in-line with most addressing and bindery systems
  • Stop-out stop-in electrical interface
  • KR conveyor pass through controls


  • Length: 102″
  • Width: 38″
  • Height: 77′
  • 220V
  • 50 Amp
  • 1 Phase
  • 50/60 Hz
  • 80 PSI @ 5.0 acfm
  • Tabs/ Labels
    • Min .50″ dia
    • Max 1.5″ dia
  • Tab Quantity: 1 to 6 Tabs or Stamps
  • Tab Accuracy: +/- .0625″
  • Labels: 3″ W x 2″ L
  • Materials
    • (Min. 3.50” W (8.9 cm)) (Max. 11” W (27.9 cm))
    • (Min. 3.50” L (8.9 cm)) (Max. 11” L (27.9 cm))
    • (Min. .008” T (0.2 mm)) (Max. .25” T (6.3 mm))
  • Maximum: 350 fpm (138 mpm)

496-F Feeder

Heavy-duty and fast, the KR 496F handles hard to feed items such as Z-folds and open ended products. Easily mounts onto and integrates with the KR shuttle feeder. Because friction feeders are not suited for feeding many catalogues and books, both types of feed systems are necessary to handle the widest range of products. A separate frame assembly makes feed belt replacement quick and easy. Optional configurations include wide and narrow product feed kits, extended out feed and mounting stand. See the KR 496FC for batch and/or staged feeding.


  • Integrates with KR inkjet bases
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Simplified feed belt replacement

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