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Kirk Rudy KR215 Base w/ Shingle Conveyor and KR486 Card Attaching System – 080923258007A

Model: 215-58
S/N: 601 6411

Model: 486-LR
S/N: 601 187

Model: 314-6
S/N: 0509 2490

KR215 Base

Feed and transport a wide variety of products using the KR215IJ inkjet base. Designed for stand-alone operation, it is perfectly suited for use with all kinds of products such as paper, card stock, chipboard, flat corrugated, and even booklets, magazines, and newspapers. A fully adjustable feed hopper quickly and easily adjusts for a full range of product sizes. It’s “load from the top, feed from the bottom” design allows for continuous, non-stop operation.

This unique shuttle feeder base has been proven through the years to be an ideal solution for mounting inkjet systems and labelers for use in production environments.


  • Dual motor belt drive
  • Quick-release jam kit
  • Semi-automatic lubrication system
  • Easy to change tabletop belts


  • 20”, 36” and 58” length extensions
  • 24”, 30” and 36” widths available
  • Variety of feeders and autoloaders
  • Gantry mounts
  • Counter
  • Divert units

KR 486 LR Card Attaching System

Attach cards, pharmaceutical inserts and other flat products onto various mailers and inserts using the KR 486 LR system. Designed for maximum reliability and performance, the KR 486 LR is ideally suited for applications requiring high-speed, accurate attaching of a wide variety of product. KR shuttle feeders provide consistent product feeding while accurate placement is achieved using pusher lugs on the transport base and the attaching head. Mechanical timing between the base and head ensures product is attached straight and in register. Quick-setting hot melt adhesive promptly secures items in place. Like all KR equipment, the KR 486 LR is designed for quick changeover and built to last. When you’re ready to expand your operation’s capabilities, you’re ready for the KR 486 LR. Pusher lugs on the transport and the attaching head ensure product is straight during the attaching process.


  • Production Rate
  • Maximum cycle speed 250 cycles/min
  • Material Handling


  • Min stock size 3”W x 5”L
  • Max stock size 17”W x 14”L
  • Minimum stock thickness single sheet
  • Maximum stock thickness .62”


  • Min stock size 2”W x 2”L
  • Max stock size 6.5”W x 7”L
  • Minimum stock thickness single sheet
  • Maximum stock thickness .25”


  • Variable speed DC motor
  • Shuttle feed system
  • Register lugs @ 5.5”, 11”, 14” and 22” spacing
  • Quick changeover design
  • Options
  • Dynamic placement control
  • Hot Melt controller
  • Autoloader
  • Inline plow folder

Kirk Rudy KR314 Shingle Conveyor

Solid sheet metal construction makes this the most rugged, dependable conveyor for production environments on the market today. Extremely versatile, can be used with a wide assortment of paper handling equipment such as inkjet addressing machines, labeling and stacking equipment, as well as offset and digital presses and finishing equipment.

Available lengths: 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 feet

Available widths: 16 and 30 inches


  • Ball bearing mounted shafts for a long and maintenance free life
  • Casters and leveling legs for quick and easy set up
  • Variable speed drive motor with control board
  • Operating speed up to 200 feet/minute


  • Standalone drive controls
  • Side delivery kit
  • Speed-up separation unit
  • Clutch motor
  • Hydra lift
  • Sort feature
  • Solid belts 2” to 5” wide