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Kirk Rudy KR215 Base w/ KR221 Labeling Head – 080923258006A

Model: 221 223
S/N: 196 765

Model: 215
S/N: 688 2313


Feed and transport a wide variety of products using the KR215IJ inkjet base. Designed for stand-alone operation, it is perfectly suited for use with all kinds of products such as paper, card stock, chipboard, flat corrugated, and even booklets, magazines, and newspapers. A fully adjustable feed hopper quickly and easily adjusts for a full range of product sizes. It’s “load from the top, feed from the bottom” design allows for continuous, non-stop operation.

This unique shuttle feeder base has been proven through the years to be an ideal solution for mounting inkjet systems and labelers for use in production environments.


  • Dual motor belt drive
  • Quick-release jam kit
  • Semi-automatic lubrication system
  • Easy to change tabletop belts


  • 20”, 36” and 58” length extensions
  • 24”, 30” and 36” widths available
  • Variety of feeders and autoloaders
  • Gantry mounts
  • Counter
  • Divert units

Labeling Head

CATEGORY: StampAffixers

PRODUCT: KR221-223 Stamp Affixing System

DESCRIPTION:Use postage stamps to personalize any mailing using the KR221-223 stamp head. Applies roll form postage stamps at rates up to 18,000 pieces per hour. Built-in flexibility means up to six stamps can be applied in a single pass. Positive control of the stamp is maintained using vacuum wheels to transfer the stamp from the rotary knife, against the glue wheel and onto the mail piece. A misfeed detection circuit disengages the rotary knife and indexing wheel when a media misfeed occurs preventing stamp feed.