Kirk Rudy KR211 Labeling Head – 110822000747A

The KR211 Labeling Head is uniquely designed to produce and affix address labels from a printed list on pin-fed computer paper. This engineering marvel slices and cuts apart printed addresses up to 5-across, applies a water-based glue to the back of the paper and applies an individual label to a product.

Originally designed for magazines and newspapers, the KR211 is a cost-effective way to turn a paper printed address database into individual labels.

S/N: 838 2652


  • From 1 to 5 across address blocks
  • Can be used with forms from 4” to 16” wide
  • Stepper motor for precise operation
  • Dial control format change – no tools needed
  • Mechanical clutch disengages during any misfeeds
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