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Kirk Rudy Address Labeling System w/ Adphos Inkjet Drying System, Delivery Conveyor and SE-1200 Envelope Feeder – 121322127004A

Printstation Pro 600 6′ Conveyor (S/N: 01-00-0107-02)
Model: 535-CS (S/N: 0801 1663)
MCS Array Imaging System
Model: SE-1200IJ (S/N: 0712085)
Type: 2007 PS7.5 for NIR 120 (S/N: KA 3498-9)
Model: MCS Base 915v3 240AC (S/N: A-26048)
Adphos NIR120 (S/N: 2386/3498/07)
MCS Array 6″ System Printstation Pro 600 (S/N: A-26044)

Model: 430 Base

Volts: 120V 7Amps

S/N: 072320130064


Dryer Module

Length: 14.57″ (37cm)

Width: 5.63″ (14.3cm)

Height: 9.25″ (23.5cm)

Drying Width: 4.88″ (12.4cm)

Drying Length: 12.99″ (33cm)

Number of Emitters: 3

High Performance Inkjet System

•True Native 600 DPI quality. Wide Solid Print Area
•Solid 4.25” Print Head. • Increase production rates by feeding pieces long-edge.
•Print large areas without stitch marks.
•One PC can drive up to 6 heads.

Low Imaging Cost
•Smaller drop size, less ink used.
•Low cost ink.

Ability to print on:
•Glossy stocks
•Aqueous coated stocks
•Uncoated materials

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