Kirk Rudy 215V Inkjet Addressing System w/ Delivery Conveyor and Speed Dryer – 061424000503A

Model: 4560H-16V-03

S/N: 216384-1

Model: 319-D

S/N: 1201 507

Model: 215V

S/N: 397 4332

*Includes Computer*

Addressing System Description

Kirk-Rudy’s solution for coated stocks. Use WaveJet to print great looking variable text, barcodes and graphics on a wide variety of coated stocks – including aqueous and most UV coatings. WaveJet’s unique capability allows you to offer customers more of what they’re looking for, eye-catching ads on glossy stocks. UV and solvent inks allow you to print on a wide range of substrates including plastics and foils.

Prints on a wide range of papers including nonporous, coated stocks, plastics and foils
Solvent and UV inks available
Suited for all production environments
Interfaces with Kirk-Rudy handling systems for maximum flexibility

High-speed, high-quality printing
Print speeds up to 600 feet per minute
High-resolution inkjet printing up to 660 dpi
Multiple fonts within text boxes
Text, graphics and barcode rotation


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