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KIP Starprint 8000 Wide Format Printer / Plotter / Copier – 122923000327A

Model: K-77 Digital Printer
S/N: 7703010238

The KIP 8000 Wide Format Printer is considered a maximum production system for customers with high volume printing needs. The KIP 8000 was also considered the world’s fastest wide format printer when it was introduced into the market. Your productivity will increase and your operating costs will decrease with the ability to print up to 47 feet per minute of 22 D sized prints. That’s enough speed to keep your inhouse production efficient as possible. The KIP 8000 doesn’t just print fast, it also produces high quality prints even in grayscale.

The KIP 8000 can produce large prints up to 36″ by 75′ all the way down to 8.5″ by 11″ print media. It can accommodate up to four 36″ media rolls with ease whether you print on bond, film, or vellum stock. With the automatic cut sheet feeder and manual sheet bypass, the KIP 8000 handles any architectural drawing, engineering design, or monochrome print.

The KIP 8000 also supports a wide range of file formats to keep you working without the need to convert files. Beyond Windows driver support for most applications, the large format printer also supports AutoCAD, PNG, JPEG, EPS, PS, and PDF to name just a few. All of these file formats can be sent to the printer via TCP/IP over your existing network.

Did you know the KIP 8000 wide format printer has 100% toner efficiency? If you’re familiar with other large format printers, then you’ll notice when you order replacement KIP 8000 cartridges that it does not need a waste container. This keeps your overall costs down without needing developer, carrier, or waste containers required by other printers. The KIP 8000 is the choice for businesses looking to maximize production while keeping consumable costs at a minimum.


  • Media: 4 Rolls at 500 feet
  • Media Type: Bond, Vellum, Film
  • Minimum Output: 8.5 inches by 11 inches
  • Maximum Output: 36 inches by 75 feet
  • Resolution: 400 dpi
  • Speed: 47 feet per minute of 22 D prints
  • Multiple Prints: Up to 999
  • Connectivity: TCP/IP

File Support

  • Windows drivers for a wide range of applications.
  • AutoCAD
  • EPS, PS, PDF
  • TIF, Grayscale TIF