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Keillc EZ Book Maker Photo Album Binding System – 021323144003A

Keillc EZ Book Maker Photo Album Binding

Book Maker Description

One hour photo machines changed the way we developed film back in the early 80’s and now digital technology revolutionized it again. Album binding techniques have been around for decades without much improvements repeating the same old difficulties and problems year after year. Albums started as a mat style, pin style, then press album style, but there were multiple problems and difficulties with press album styles that many album manufacturers tried not to offer them despite of its popularities.

Now with our revolutionary technology combined with many years of album binding know how, we introduce the EZ Book Maker for labs, studies, album factories, and entrepreneurs like you. We have been testing this new albums made our technology to many well known photographers and studios for years and the results are nothing but great. Time to get involved with this new and exciteing business opportunity is now. Let EZ Book Maker help you lead to a new and profitable business direction.

EZ Book Maker can also be operated as a traditional book binding machine when used with wet glue machine. EZ Book Maker can also use other heat activated sheets to produce press albums. EZ Book Maker is the most user friendly and versatile machine to produce digital press albums in all sizes up to 12 x 12.

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