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KAS Mailmaster 465HS 6-Station Direct Mail System – 041323163008A

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Direct Mail System Description

The Mailmaster 465 HS handles DL to C4 envelopes, inserting at speeds of up to 6,000 filled envelopes per hour. It combines a unique design with proven technology, backed by 50 years’ experience in ailing. Designed and manufactured in the UK, this comprehensive modular enveloping system offers flexibility, durability and ease of set up.

Insert stations can handle a wide variety of material including single sheets, card, reply envelopes, pre-folded items, stapled sets, cd’s and books. It is possible to pre-select the number of items fed from an insert station, and have the feed switch automatically from one station to another when it runs low.

Fast sheet feeders can feed, accumulate and insert flat for C4, or fold for DL and C5 according to codes read on the documents. Our camera reading system adds more flexibility as it reads OMR, 1D and 2D barcodes in either orientation on the page. Jobs can be pre-programmed thus minimizing set up time.

Our reading technology facilitates batching the prime document, selection of inserts, merging and matching of two or more streams of personalized documentation, diverting of filled envelopes before sealing, envelope marking, document tracking and integrity checking.

An important feature of the Mailmaster 465HS is the remarkably quick changeover from one job to another that is possible, even to go from DL to C4.

Touch screen control
Touch screen control of machine operation with a choice of two levels of screen. The simplest level gives station selection, speed control, re-settable counter, help pages, output speed, error location display, and run information. A larger color screen is available which provides further on screen run information, and facilitates job control, document tracking, data storage and report printing.

Up to 6,000 filled envelopes per hour
Packing thickness to 15mm
Durable British construction
Quick changeover between jobs

Inserts into envelopes from DL to oversize C4
Side insert stations feed a wide variety of material up to 7mm thick
Multiple feeding from each insert feeder to a preset number or code selected quantity
Hand feed position
Additional modular feeders
OMR, 1D and 2D barcode reading, and OCR available

Ease of operation
Pivoting touch control screen provides run information, error location and help pages
Easy set up and changeover
Top load feeders for ease of filling, without stopping the machine
Envelope and insert feeder low level sensors
Station linking, to increase loading capacity
Output conveyor stacker

Unique insertion system positively guides the inserts into the envelopes
Insert stations have miss, jam and double detectors
Ultrasonic double detectors on Fast Sheet Feeders
Further sensors throughout to stop the machine in case of error
Test mode for running a trial insertion
Sequential startup/clear down
Choice of reading technology
Document tracking and output checking options

Other features available
Choice of high speed cut sheet feeder/accumulators
Document accumulation and nest folding
Continuous forms cutter
In-line dynamic corner stapling and booklet making
Further hand feed positions
High capacity loaders
Job control software and reporting
File based insertion
Filled envelope divert
Envelope Marking
Mail sorting
Output integrity control

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