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JF Helmold and Bro Cutting & Creasing Rule – 093021010140

The present invention pertains generally to a simplified, time and labor saving method, and apparatus for performing the same, to prepare the counter or counterscore sheets of the type ordinarily employed in conjunction with standard metal creasing rules in the blanking and creasing of fibrous sheet material, such as folding cardboard box blanks, corrugated board and the like.

Such counters are normally mounted on the cylinder or platen member of a press, and coact with creasing rules, which are blocked up on an opposed bed member of the press, in the creasing of paperboard and like materials in an appropriate pattern. To this end, in accordance with conventional practice, said counters are routed out along lines registering with the creasing rule in said die, the width of the routed lines exceeding the width of the rule to accommodate the stock when the press members are brought together and operated in the actual creasing step.

The usual operation of preparing the creasing counter is a laborious, exacting and time consuming one in which the operator first mounts the material of the counter on the press cylinder or platen and blocks up the cutting knives and creasing rule in a die on the press bed. He then inks the exposed working edge of the creasing rule, brings the press members together and operates the same to transfer onto the counter a light ink marking as a guide for a subsequent routing operation. The press members are next separated and the counter routed out by hand in an appropriate width of line following the guide marking. This routing operation, as stated above, is a very exacting one requiring considerable skill and judgment on the part of the operator, and as a result, the work of preparing the counter usually constitutes a disproportionately large factor in the cost of cutting and creasing work in accordance with the conventional procedures.

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