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Italdibipack Baby-Pack 3246-N Shrink Wrapping System – 052620091950

Italdibipack Baby-Pack 3246-N Shrink Wrapping System

S/N 2249-97

Shrink Wrapping System Description

This BABY PACK 3246-N shrink wrapping machine is for the packaging of products with single-fold sealing film, with dimensions contained in the range indicated in the specifications below. The machine uses angular sealing of the film and features cutting only or simultaneous sealing-cutting and shrink-wrapping. Each time that the operator lowers the transparent hood the heat of the sealing wire and its pressure against the bottom Teflon-coated edge on the machine body causes the film to melt and the edges to separate, thus creating the packaging. The shrinking of the film can be carried out at the same time as the cutting and is achieved by the circulation of hot air forced around the package. This simplifies the shrink wrapping process and increases production.

Shrink Wrapping System Specifications

Height of working table (on stand): 36.22″
Dimensions of sealing: 12.6 x 16.9″
Power: 1.8kW
Power Supply Voltage:
110VAC / 1PH / 50/60Hz / 16A
Level of acoustic pressure emitted: 71.8 db(A)

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