Intimus Powerline PL265 26″ Programmable Paper Cutter – 040324397006A

Paper Cutter Description

The Intimus Powerline PL265 is a fully automatic programmable cutter with solid state controls and a fully automatic clamp to hold your documents and materials in place during the cutting process. The PL265 has a 26″ cutting blade and is capable of cutting materials up to 26″ long in stacks up to 2-7/8″ high (over 700 sheets). It has a digital programmable back gauge to help ensure that your cuts are exact and accurate every single time. It also has a cutting line light to help you visually align the cutting blade. The Intimus PL265 is ideal for quick printers, copy shops, in plant print shops and on demand applications. It works great for cutting large items such as master sheets of paper or small items such as business cards.

Paper Cutter Specifications

  • Automatic paper clamp operation
  • Digital programmable back gauge with auto-advance
  • Cutting line light for easy reference and quick set-ups
  • Attachable false clamp for carbonless and other delicate papers
  • Legs adjust up to 11/2″ to facilitate leveling
  • Cuts paper stacks up to 27/8″ high
  • 16″ of table space in front of blade
  • Five easy to store cutting programs with up to 10 cuts in each program
  • Built-in diagnostics for easy service
  • Displays instructions in English, Spanish, German, French or Italian
  • Set of either standard or metric scales
  • Keylock access prevents unauthorized use
  • Dual push-button cutting controls for safe two-handed operation
  • Pictured with optional side tables (PL2T)
  • Dimensions: 39-1/5″ x 50″ x 49-1/2
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