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1994 Interlake S5F25P SilverStitcher Box Stapler


1994 Interlake S5F25P SilverStitcher Box Stapler

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Box Stapler Description

Use a Post-type stitcher for setting up regular slotted boxes, overlap slotted boxes, full overlap boxes or half-slotted boxes with partial covers. Post-type stitchers close bottoms of slotted boxes quickly, securely . . to meet all carrier regulations. Select a model to meet your production requirements, using either narrow or wide crown stitching heads.

For production up to 3000 boxes per day, choose a regular duty Silverstitcher. These proven units let you set up as many as 350 RSC boxes per hour . . . all day long.

For greater production and longer runs, a Dual-head Silverstitcher places two stitches simultaneously . . . lets you set up as many as 600 boxes per hour. For heavy-duty work, such as stitching three pieces of single wall corrugated, two pieces of double or triple wall, or for assembly of solid fibreboard boxes, select an ISP Heavy Duty Stitcher.

Box Stapler Specifications

Distance from Front of Frame to Clincher: 25″
Distance from Top of Base to Clincher: 41 1/2″
Max Size Box Handled (Including Top Flaps): Width 50″ Depth 40 1/2″

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