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IBM Infoprint 4100 Printing System – 120423312004B

S/N: S41001030078R
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Page Counter: 29,736,500
Page Counter: 29,736,700

Printing is a high speed, INFOPRINT 4100 high volume continuous forms printer that provides you with exceptional reliability, exceptional printing quality and economical printing. With this printing system, you can switch between 240 and 300 dots per inch (dpi) of resolution. Based on the proven IBM 3900 Advanced
Printer Technology feature, the system offers printing of all addressable points in two models.

First impressions at speeds of up to 354 impressions per minute (ipm) for 2-up printing on 8.5 x 11-inch paper or up to 333 ipm for 2-page printing on A4 paper (8.33 x 11.67 inches) . The second model prints at speeds of up to 501 impressions per minute (ipm) for printing 2 in 8.5 x 11-inch paper or up to 472 ipm for 2-up printing on A4 paper (8.33 x 11.67 inches) ).

Cost-effective continuous forms printing of the INFOPRINT 4100 with a 17-inch-wide printing line • 240/300-dpi resolution saber • Speeds of up to 501 two 8.5 x 11-inch units or 472 two-sided A4 prints per minute depending on the model • Powerful control unit with advanced operator interface and flexible accessory capabilities

In addition, by combining the INFORPINT 4100 Printing Systems of the company Unique positioning of the page with the control unit, you can print up to four logical pages on a sheet. Each page can have a different size and sequenced, rotated and positioned as desées. This can easily be done outside of your application programs.

Operational Advantages:

  • Print at up to 280 linear feet per minute (1,220 2-up duplex letter impressions or 1,148 2-up A4 duplex impressions)
  • Provide industry-leading 600 dpi image quality with your choice of Premium or High Quality models in both simplex and duplex
  • Provide flexible media handling with speed switch and operator switchable pinfed or pinless paper path
  • Deliver true 3-up pages with an extra wide format (19.5” paper width, up to 19” print width)
  • Support the Universal Printer Pre- and Post-Processing Interface1 (UP3i)
  • Enhance productivity with the ability to add cartridge toner on the fly and customer-changeable developer for MICR and highlight
    color2, forms identification system and SNMP remote monitoring
Print speed – Black and White TS1 Simplex: up to 381 ipm, 2 up to 8.5 × 11 portrait
TS2 Simplex: up to 610 ipm, 2 up to 8.5 × 11 portrait
TS3 Simplex: up to 720 ipm, 2 up to 8.5 × 11 portrait
TD1 / TD2 Duplex: up to 762 ipm, 2 up 8,5 × 11 portrait
TD3 / TD4 Duplex: up to 1220 ipm, 2 up to
8,5 × 11 portrait TD5 / TD6 Duplex: up to 1440 ipm, 2 up to 8,5 × 11 portrait

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