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Hydromation Paper Roll Clamp – 111623279071B

Type: Roll Clamp
Model: RE.20-19-15-42-360
S/N: 1700

  • Highly durable arm structure and pad profile that eliminates damage from knifing between rolls in containers, trailers, and rail cars.
  • Pad protectors reduce wear to the contact pads.
  • Pad alignment system using dual spring technology holds the contact pads in proper alignment.
  • Short arm positioning to optimize small roll handling.
  • Excellent visibility through arms.
  • High-flow revolving connection provides fast arm speed and longer battery life on electric trucks and less fuel consumption on internal combustion trucks.
  • Quick 360º rotation speed with 15-tooth pinion.
  • High-torque, heavy-duty rotator drivetrain proven to provide superior durability.
  • High-strength castings provide structural life needed for robust applications.