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2010 Hunkeler Sheet Cutting System w/ Buffer, Cutter, Separator, and Scrap Collector – 120123312003B

Type: 2011 HKU 2000
S/N: 23314

Modul: 2010 Buffer WB6 7177
S/N: WB6 7177.00770A-01/58

Modul: 2011 Blower Tu-A 7170
S/N: TU-A 7170.00607D-08/41

Modul: 2010 Seperator SE6 7192
S/N: SE6 7192.00368-01/37

Type: 2009 CS6-I 7184
S/N: 2018058

Modul: 2011 Stacker LS6 7191
S/N: LS6 7191.00438-02/97

Modul: 2010 Tranport Belt TB6 7193
S/N: 2021454

Cross Cutting Module CS6-I The Ultimative Cutting Solution “Single Cut”

The CS6-I purpose is to cut a continuous paper web into sheets. It can handle a vast range of different paper ranging from lightweight paper to heavy paper. The cutter can be used printer online or offline with an unwinder and handles 1-up to 4-up production. On-Line from Printer Off-Line from Roll

Method of Operation
The paper web, arriving from the pre-processing module, is fed in by the pinless infeed roller to the cutting cylinder which cuts the paper web using a rotary knife. Directly after the cutting process, the sheets are conveyed to the post processing module via a sheet outfeed. The post-processing module can be almost any type of equipment as a stacker or a buckle folder just to mention few. Blank sheets caused by the printer’s start-up procedure (or cleaning cycle) can be automatically diverted using the integrated dynamic diverter and are not passed over to the post-processing module. Any sheets cut during the setup procedure are automatically ejected via the diverter. Document control (e.g. offsetting, stack separation) is controlled by either counter, separating marks or barcodes but can also be controlled markless.

Basic Equipment
Basic module with single rotary high-performance cutting cylinder User-friendly touch screen machine terminal for set-up and basic operating functions Casing with safety monitoring


Web Width: 165mm – 520mm (6.5” – 20.5″)
Sheet Length: 89mm – 1574mm (3.5” – 62”)
Paper Weight: 40 – 300g/m2
Web speed: 10 – 180m/min  (33 – 590ft/min)

Stacking Module LS6 Stack Separation and Stack Offset are done without Printerstops

The LS6 stacker collects sheets and passes the finished stacks over to the post processing. Stack separation and stack offset are done non-stop (without printerstops).

Method of Operation
Sheets, arriving from the pre-processing module, are transported on the stacking table using vacuum belts which allow very careful handling of the sheets avoiding any damage of the printed image. Stack separation is accomplished without printer stops in shortest time. The dynamic CS6 cutter interrupts the sheet stream for less than a second to allow the LS6 stacker to insert a new stacking table for the next stack. Afterwards, stacks are ejected on to the conveyor belt. The LS6 stacker can handle 1-up to 4-up sheet streams delivered by the SE6 separation, alignment and offset module.

Basic Equipment
Basic module with vacuum belt sheet transport and stacking device User-friendly touch screen machine terminal for set-up and basic operating functions Casing with safety monitoring


Web width: 165mm – 520.7mm (6.5” – 20.5”)
Paper weight: 40 – 300g/m 2
Stack Height: max 250mm (max 9.8”)
Web speed: 10 – 150m/min  (33 – 490ft/min)

Separating Module SE6 1-up up to 4-up Sheet Streams

The SE6 module integrates three different functions in one module: A) Sheet offsetting on the fly (OOF) without any loss of performance B) sheet alignment for optimum stack quality in the LS6 stacking module C) Lateral sheet separation allows offset stacking The module can handle 1-up up to 4-up sheet streams, depending on the module configuration

Method of Operation
The sheet streams from the CS6 cutting module are aligned, separated and offset, while the sheets run through the SE6 module. None of the SE6 functions limits the performance of the line in any way.

Basic Equipment
Basic module Casing with safety monitoring

Special technical Features

The SE6 module is designed specifically to handle colour printed pages without marking the products. Therefore, all sheet transports are using vacuum belts. The innovative OOF function is capable of offsetting just one sheet, if required. The offsetting process can be controlled using additional photocells.

Specifications Web width 165mm – 520.7mm  Paper weight 40 – 300g/m 2  Web speed 10 – 150m/min  6.5” – 20.5”  40 – 300gsm  33 – 490ft/min

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