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HP Weko-Webcon Paper Conditioner – 082923271007B

Type: RFDI 20″
ART-NO: 670028

WEKO-WebCon optimizes the product quality and improves the efficiency of your continuous inkjet production. The uniform and precisely metered moisture supply by the WEKO-WebCon conditions the processed paper and compensates paper variations due to drying in an optimal manner. Therefore, not only perfect running and stacking characteristics and an exact flatness of the paper is maintained, but it also remains dimensionally stable. This results in smooth production runs, less waste, and a considerably better quality of product and further processing. WEKO as SmartStream Partner with the Select Partner Gold status has developed the new WEKO-WebCon in close cooperation with HP. Based on the WEKO-RFDi conditioning unit proven for years WEKO-WebCon follows the evolution of the HP T-Series. High speeds, high resolution and different printing carrier grammages demand maximum flexibility in paper conditioning. Precisely defined application quantities of 0.5-5 ml/m2 at a speed range of 200-1000 ft/min can be realized without changing the configuration. If necessary, the amounts of water for front and back side can be adjusted independently of each other.

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