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HP Scitex LX850 Wide Format Digital Printer – 070821014714

Speed up the delivery of orders with a printer that lets you print and load media simultaneously. Target new applications with quality results on virtually any rigid and flexible media. Rely on a dependable, robust device that fits your workspace.

Product No.: CR774A

S/N: SG21D1F001

For highly-saturated fabrics and backlits
(250% ink density): Production Plus (10- pass bidirectional) – 27 m2/hr (290 ft2/hr)
For fabrics and backlits (150% ink density) and high-quality indoor (100% ink density
Production Plus (6-pass bidirectional) – 45 m2/ hr (484 ft2/hr)
For outdoor billboards (70% ink density
Billboard (2-pass unidirectional) – 88 m2/hr (947 ft2/hr)
For drafts (50% ink density
Draft (1-pass unidirectional) – 177 m2/hr (1905 ft2/hr)
Print resolution
1200 x 1200 dpi
3 (cyan/black, yellow/magenta, light magenta/ light cyan)
Roll-to-free fall, roll-to-collector, roll-to-roll, dual-roll capability, ink collector for porous substrates, guided double-sided process.
Roll size
Up to 3.2-m (126-in) wide. Dual roll: up to 2 x 1.52-m – (60-in) wide
Roll diameter
Up to 25-cm (9.84-in) core outside diameter
Up to 0.8 mm (31.5 mil)
Dimensions (w x d x h)
226 x 65 x 65 in, 2464 lb
231 x 68 x 85 in, 4189 Ib
What’s in the box
HP Scitex LX850 Printer, HP LX610 printheads, 126-in spindles (x2), pneumatic gun, Original HP sample roll media, dual-roll spindles, HP webcam with USB cable, HP network switch, HP Scitex LX Printer Cleaning Kit, HP LX600 Scitex Maintenance Kit, maintenance & troubleshooting guide, ink collector kit, spare ink collector foams (x16), media edge holders (x4), documentation software, Ethernet cable, electrical configuration kit with fuses, Media Loading tool, Spindles supports (x2)
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