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HP Indigo UV Coater – 010220124450

HP Indigo UV Coater

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UV Coater Description

Advanced solutions for fast, costefficient coating from HP Indigo The HP Indigo UV Coater is a fast, easy-to-use nearline coating solution. It is designed specifically to meet the needs of digital printers who offer short-run applications that require coating to protect and enhance the aesthetics of the printed product.

The user friendly CE- and ETL-compliant HP Indigo UV Coater lets you provide customers with new valueadd services, such as gloss and matte finishes that add appeal to and protect the finished piece. With throughput of up to 4,000 sheets per hour, the HP Indigo UV Coater supports multiple HP Indigo digital presses. Whether you’re a commercial printer, direct mail house, publisher, photo specialty provider or just entering the world of digital printing, the HP Indigo UV Coater offers you an end-to-end print production solution and helps you differentiate yourself with a wider product offering and improved customer service.

Avoid costly, inefficient processes The HP Indigo UV Coater eliminates the inefficient, costly practice of running digital output through an expensive offset litho press equipped with a coating
tower. It presents an affordable, efficient solution compared to traditional offerings. You can also avoid the practice of outsourcing the coating process, which typically adds extra time and cost.

The HP Indigo UV Coater is available in automatic and hand-fed configurations. The Feeder and Stacker come standard with the HP Indigo UV Coater Automatic model. For the HP Indigo UV Coater hand-fed model, it is an optional accessory and can be purchased separately. Add high-value services for your customers

The HP Indigo UV Coater helps you expand business with profitable, new high-value services, such as:
• Special design pieces. Enhance the aesthetics of pieces that require a special design or decorative appeal with gloss and matte finishes.
• Direct mail. Protect printed materials against agrressive mail sorting equipment and marking from excessive handling while enhancing the appearance of mail items with gloss or matte coatings.
• Books and manuals. Provide extra gloss as well as protection for book and manual covers that undergo frequent handling.
• Photo specialty products. Create photo albums, calendars, and postcards with gloss and matte finishing, to provide quality comparable to silverhalide.
• Special applications. Add extra protection to printed material that needs to withstand extreme environmental conditions, such as water and solvents.

Speed Up to 4,000 13″ x 19″ sheets per hour with the automatic configuration. Hand-fed configuration speed varies,
depending on operating environment
Dimensions Length 237″; width 52″; height 75″
Media size Supports sheets up to 14″ x 20″
Media thickness Supports 80 lb. text to 160 lb. cover
Compatibility HP Indigo presses 1000, 1050, 3000, 3050, w3250, 3500, 5000 and 5500

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