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HP DesignJet 800 Wide Format Printer – 041720020150

HP DesignJet 800 Wide Format Printer

Wide Format Printer Description

The hp designjet 800ps printer (42-inch model) is a professional and robust large-format 42 inch printer for architects, engineers and GIS professionals working in technical departments. The printer delivers ultimate line and photo quality, fast. Network ready printer, a “virtual-computer” inside processes files, quickly freeing up the computer.

Ultimate photo quality at 2400 dpi. HP color layering technology delivers continuous tones, smooth transitions and a wide color gamut.
Your computer is immediately freed up as embedded processors, large memory and a powerful network card make up a “virtual computer” inside the printer.
Embedded Adobe® PostScript® 3TM RIP, with drivers for Mac and Windows, embedded HP-GL/2 processor, with drivers for AutoCAD and Windows. CALS G4 files also accepted.
Robust printer for workgroups of 3 to 10 people. Robust Plug-And-Play printer for workgroups of 3 to 10 people, immediately compatible with Mac and Windows applications (including AutoCAD). No need for a 3R party RIP.
60 seconds printing time for a line drawing in super-fast mode. Color images up 85 ft2/hr. Throughput is further increased as three A3+ (B+) size prints fit side by side.

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