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2013 Horizon System Binder SB-07 7-Clamp Perfect Binder w/ Nordson Gluer, Milling Blower Unit, and Conveyors – 100923293001A

Compact and High-Speed Perfect Binder for short-run production.

Nordson Durablue 16 L
S/N: NC08D01395

Horizon Slope Conveyor
S/N: 355003

Horizon Lay-Down Conveyor LD-07L
S/N: 304003

Horizon Milling Blower Unit DB-07H
S/N: 316002

Horizon Pre-Melter PM-20 II
S/N: 707070

Horizon Side Glue Level Sensor SGD-07
S/N: 019002

Horizon Perfect Binder SB-07
S/N: 326001

Horizon SI-15
S/N: 362001

*Includes Accessories Shown*

The Standard Horizon SB-07 seven-clamp perfect binder features automated operation, push-button simplicity, a small footprint, and high-quality production perfect binding.

The SB-07 can be run as a stand-alone binder or as a binding system with in-line three-knife trimming when connected to the HT-110 Three-knife Trimmer.

The SB-07 is designed for single-person production of up to 3,200 books per hour, with complete changeover and set-up performed in less than 3 minutes.

Standard features include a 10.4″ intelligent color touch-screen control console, automatic air-suction cover feeder that handles a wide range of cover materials without marking, automated in-line cover scoring, and job programming


  • High Speed Production
  • Up to 3,200 books per hour
  • Binding books up to 1.77″ thick
  • Automated setup for quick changeover and easy operator fine tuning
  • User friendly operation through the large color touchscreen
  • Dual application rollers with side gluing to ensure stronger binding results
  • Suction cover feeder handles a wide range of cover substrates
  • Connectable to an inline three knife trimmer


  • Number of Carriage Clamps: 7
  • Book Size Maximum: 15.75″ Spine Length x 12.6″
  • Book Size Minimum: 5.32″ Spine Length x 4.13″
  • Book Thickness: 0.08″ to 1.77″
  • Cover Size Maximum: 14.96″ x 25.98″
  • Cover Size Minimum: 5.32″ x 8.67″
  • Cover Weight Range: 82 to 348 gsm
  • Cover Stack Height: 5.91″
  • Production Speed: up to 3,200 cycles per hour


200 VAC 3-phase 60 Hz

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