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Horizon APC-M61 Hydraulic Paper Cutter – 042522018005A

Model: APC-M61

S/N: 102007

Paper Cutter Description

This professional hydraulic 61 cm guillotine cuts paper, cardboard, chipboard, plastic foils or other sheet materials in one handling job. The sheets can be transported over the stainless steel working table. This compact, but heavy constructed machine has the possibility to\ work with its computer and digital display and can be programmed to cut automatically. Settings can be made for programming sizes, steps and all kind of functions for a professional after-press production. All settings and programs can be stored on the very easy to handle computer.

Min. size: 20 mms
Max. size: 61 x 61 cms
Paper pile height: 100 mms
Safeties on the machines: shields, 2 hand operation etc.
Computer with digital display and controls, including programming of 6 programs with 54 steps, and eject function
Pressure adjustable 5 kN – 17 kN (for firm or weak papers)

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