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Hewlett Packard LineJet 1000Q Cabinet Impact Printer – 091922000581A

HP LineJet Printer (formerly the LP Series Printer family)

The HP LineJet Printers (line impact printers) combine versatility at reasonable cost with good print speed. Versatility can include graphics image and bar code printing and the ability to trade speed for better print quality.  Good print speed means that a line impact printer can be used as the only printer on a system with modest-to-average printing requirements.

The HP LineJet printers combine print speed, flexibility, lowest print cost for volume range and great reliability even for heavy duty cycles and burst throughputs (unattended operation).  Flexibility includes resolution form sparse to NLQ, raster and industrial graphics as well as electronic forms creation ability (requires the HP QMS or PGL  graphics upgrade kit), multiple-part forms (up to 6 parts), noise ranges starting from 50 dBA, barcodes, postnet, and many font sizes and languages.

There are HP LineJet printers for office and for harsh environments.  LineJet printers provide a wide range of connectivity from serial, parallel, and LAN interface via the LineJet Printer Manager or HP JetDirect EX. LineJet printers are ideal for data processing centers, accounting, checks, invoices, reports, distribution, circulation or where bar codes and automated identification process is needed.

With full-featured SAP R/3 system device types now available, the HP LineJet printers integrate directly with SAP applications.  Reports, forms and bar code labels can be created in SAP R/3ís applications and be printed on the LineJet printers without the need for additional printing middleware.

Targeted at the enterprise computing marketing, HPís LineJet printers provide high speed, reliable printing, especially for large, business critical print environments. The HP LineJet printers are for any application where good print quality and very low printing cost is required.
Specifications (applies to all members of the LineJet and LP Series families)
  • Connectivity – Parallel, Serial (RS-232 or RS-422), network via HP LineJet Printer manager
  • Number of symbol sets included       –      7
  • Number of bar code fonts included   –      10
  • Printer emulations and languages included – HP PCL Level 2, Epson FX-1050, Printronix P-Series, Proprinter XL III
  • Optional printer languages  – QMS (Code V-II)*, Printronix Graphics Language, PGL Graphics
  • Control panel languages  – English, Spanish, Italian, French, German
  • Multi-part forms   – Up to 6 parts with carbons, up to 4 parts with carbonless
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