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Hernes Gravograph IS400 Engraving Machine – 041320105240

Hernes Gravograph IS400 Engraving Machine

Engraving Machine Description

Gravotech’s top selling computerized engraving machine is suitable for professional engravers or the industrial user. The IS400 solution is appropriate for a wide range of applications, including trophies and plaques, small signage, ADA signage, identification of industrial parts, and light machining. A variety of jigs and holding devices are available for the IS400. A vacuum table or t-slot table can hold down objects. Cylindrical devices engrave cylindrical or conical shaped items. A chip collector makes the removal of debris during engraving simple and hands-free.

IS400: a robust, reliable, rotary engraving machine
It is perfect for:
machine labels
front panels
marking parts
industrial signage
3D engraving
stainless steel engraving
plastic and metal engraving
Flexible computerized engraving machine.

Connected to a computer, it uses Gravostyle software by Gravograph. The IS400 machines as standard, come with automatic surface sensors and the laser beam (Gravograph innovation) which make it simple to use and easy to position the engraver on the engravable object.
The IS400 is an IQ + equipped, SMART solution.
In addition, its design gives you complete access to the engravable object which facilitates the placement, adjustment, and removal of items from the machine.

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