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Heidelberg VFZ 52 Four Directional Knife Folding Unit – 050820012210

Heidelberg VFZ 52 Four Directional Folding Unit

S/N FH.EDA0-00702

Folding Unit Description

The mobile, height adjustable four-directional knife folding unit VFZ 52 supplements buckle plate folding machines as well as combination folding machines. When used as third unit of a buckle plate folding machine, an operator friendly U-configuration minimizes walking distances.

With low investment costs, additional folding schemes and particularly thick products become processible. The knife folding unit is swivel-mounted and allows you to offer folding schemes like the international quadruple fold.

Folding Unit Specifications

Max Sheet Size: 52 x 36
Min Sheet Size: 12 x 10
Max Speed: 160m / min
Min Speed: 25m / min
Max Cycle Rate: 30,000
Infeed Height: 51.5cm – 91.5cm
Knife Position: Top/Bottom

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