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Heidelberg GTOZP 52 Two Color Offset Printing Press – 091223283002A

S/N: 683 700

*INCLUDES Extra Rollers and Plate Punch w/ Accessories*

Retail Price: $180,000.00

Offset Printing Press Description

The Printmaster GTO is a widely-used conventional lithographic production printing press. The 2-colour design can print one or two colours in a single pass of the sheet. Printing of additional colours, including 4-colour process, can be accomplished by means of multiple passes through the press. Accurate 3-point registration is possible by means of the feedboard and printing units.

Maximum Sheet Size: 14.17″ x 20.47″ (360 x 520 mm)
Minimum Sheet Size for Straight Printing: 4.13″ x 7.09″ (105 x 180 mm)
Minimum Sheet Size for Perfecting: 5.51″ x 7.09″ (140 x 180 mm)
Maximum Image Area: 13.39″ x 19.88″ (340 x 505 mm)
Gripper Margin: 0.32″ – 0.39″ (8-10 mm)
Maximum Speed: 8000 impressions per hour (iph)
Minimum Caliper of Substrate: 0.001″

Of all printing presses ever made by any press manufacturer, the Heidelberg GTO press is the printing press which is in greatest existence worldwide.

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