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Hasler M5000 Mail Folder Inserter – 072123254003A

Machine No.: 06DW6624 070.1
Type: M5000

Folder Inserter Description

If you dread the prospect of performing another tedious mailing project by hand, the cost of outsourcing, or wrestling with a bulky, noisy and difficult mailing equipment, your worries are over. Hasler’s M5000 Folder/Inserter enables you to do it all in-house – quickly, easily, accurately and efficiently, while saving money. The M5000 folds, inserts and seals documents up to six letter folded documents, stapled or loose, so you can automate all your mailings.

For occasional applications or non-trained users, the “Fill and Start” feature allows you to simply load your documents and envelopes and initiate the job. The M5000 will automatically calculate the size of the documents and set the correct fold. Operation for the whole system is monitored from a single screen and all settings are done from the control panel. Up to 20 jobs can be stored and recalled at the touch of a button for repetitive applications. Easy-to-read color touch screen display prompts your operator and helps reduce errors.

Folder Inserter Features

• Easy to use – fast, smooth adjustment for different sizes and fold configurations
• Compact & quiet – clamshell design allows for easy access and fits unobtrusively in any office environment
• Versatile – handles various sizes, both coated and glossy paper stocks, as well as daily mail applications
• High productivity – processes 3,500 filled envelopes per hour – among the highest in its class!
• Programmable – program up to 20 different jobs
• Large capacity – three feed trays each holding up to 325 pieces – nearly twice the competition!
• Block loading – no user setup required
• Individual tracking – jobs are tracked piece by piece
• Application security – BCR and OMR reading capability ensure sensitive jobs l

Folder Inserter Specifications

•18″ x 26″ x 45″
• Weight: 176.5 lbs.
•Electrical: 120V, 60Hz
Paper specifications
Sheet sizes (H x W)
•3 ½” – 14″ x 5 ½” – 9″
•Weight: 16 lb. – 60 lb.
Envelopes (L x W)
•4″ – 6 3/8″ x 6″ – 9 ½”
•Carrier envelope capacity: 325 No. 10
•Up to 3,500 filled envelopes per hour Options
•Optical Mark Recognition (OMR)
•Barcode Reading (BCR)
•DCS Mail Piece Verification (MPV)
•Special feeder
•BRE MaxiFeeder
•Output conveyor
•Extended output conveyor
•Side exit
•Customized adjustable height stand with storage space