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Hasler HJ300P Desktop Address Printer – 010620091120

Hasler HJ300P Desktop Address Printer

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Address Printer Description

The HJ300 desktop address and bar code printer with HP Inkjet Technology eliminates the tedious task of manually placing adhesive labels on envelopes and postcards. Your mailings will look more professional, generate better response, and you’ll save valuable time and money in the process. The ability to print message lines in color can eliminate the need for pre-printed envelopes; and printing delivery point bar codes can substantially reduce your postage costs. Now even small volume mailers have the opportunity to quickly and easily print directly on envelopes and mail pieces for a more professional look.

The HJ300 provides many valuable benefits:
• Print up to 7,200 No. 10 envelopes per hour
• Save time and money on postage and printing
• Reduce undeliverable mail pieces
• Increase response rates
• Get your mail delivered faster
• HP Inkjet Technology

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