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Hamada C252E-SF Offset Press w/ Crestline Dampening & Royse Recirculation Unit – 012324000368A

Royse Model: 6000-11
S/N: 20175/12/95


Colors Bicolor (2×0)
Dim. max. of paper 520x360mm
Dim. min. of paper  182x257mm
Max area Printing 505x350mm
Paper weight 0.04-0.3mm
Speed. max. Printing 10,000 iph
Plate measurement 510x400mm
Blanket measurement 510x414x1.9mm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 2350x1265x1350mm
Input stack height  500mm
Output Stack Height  440mm
Pot. of the main engine 1.5 kW
Machine weight  1900 kg

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