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2014 Guk R6 Continuous Feed Slitter / Cutter / Creaser w/ L4 Control and Model S-720 Mobile Delivery – 051122000159A

A perfect print job can be ruined with folds that crack or are not accurately positioned. For smooth, flat folds and clean, clear scores and slits—properly placed— install a GUK SM50, SM54, SM70 or SM74 Score-Perf-Slit Unit. The units are small in size, so they are the ideal solution for improving the quality of production.

Typ: SM 74/4-R6 (S/N: 62392)

Typ: S-720 (S/N: 32-351)

Typ: 74/R6 (S/N: 62394)

Features – SM74

  • SM Units fit in new or existing systems.
  • SM Score-Perf-Slit Units handle paper weights from 30 lb. offset to 110 lb. cover.
  • Choose from the following format widths: SM50—20-3⁄8″, SM54—21-1⁄4″, SM70—28-1⁄4″, or SM74—29-1⁄8″.
  • The SM50 and SM70 Units come with 2 sets of shafts. Each set has an upper and a lower shaft with 6 urethane / steel rollers per shaft.
  • The SM54 and SM74 Units are equipped with four sets of shafts.
  • Pictured above is an SM50 FL2 Score-Perf-Slit System equipped with an FL2 Flat-Pile Feeder and S520 Shingle Delivery—one of many system variations.
  • All GUK SM Score-Perf-Slit Units are available with hydraulic height-adjustable bases, so the alignment tables can be incorporated with a number of GUK folders and direct mail producing systems—or other brand digital presses, stitchers, or related primary machines.
  • Machine speeds are up to 650 ft./min. or 40,000 letter-size sheets/hr.
  • To suit your needs, you can optimize your system with GUK feeders, folders, delivery units, optional tools and accessories.


  • Sheet size SM Unit – Max: 29-1⁄8″ x 40-7⁄8″ (720 x 1040) Min: 6″ x 8-3⁄8″ (150 x 210)
  • Number of Shaft Sets – 4
  • Sheet size with FL Flat-Pile Feeder – FL3/72 Max: 28-1⁄8″ x 40-7⁄8″ (720 x 1040) Min: 6″ x 8-3⁄8″ (150 x 210)
  • Infeed height on height adjustable units – Max: 34″ Min: 23-1/4″
  • Paper Weights: 30lb offset to 110lb. cover
  • Production Speed: Up to 850 ft/min (200 m/min) (40,000 letter-size sh/hr)
  • 230V
  • 3Phase
  • 60 Cycle

Features R6:

Best result in continuous production is possible by use of the round pile feeder R6. Without stopping the folding system can be reloaded permanently during the machine is working on. Most machines can be adapted like the 43, 53/54 and the 74 cm models (opt. 80 cm). A maximum sheet length of 144 cm also offers plenty of room for long sheets to feed. With suction rollers which are free accessible from the top. All the operating elements are easily accessible from the outside. Control panel at eye level and a high loading table make the feeder very easy for handling and operating!

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