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2010 Graphic Whizard PTSCC Multi Slit, Cut, Crease Up / Down, Cross / Rotary / Bi / Strike Perf & Score Machine – 100522000637A

Model: PTSCC Multi

S/N: SCCM-3110186

Total Sheet Count: 215,998

Number of Cuts: 140,368

Number of Crease: 249,720

S/N: 1317082548 0971

The PT 335SCC Multi is a complete full-bleed finishing system designed for the digital marketplace. Equipped with interchangeable creasing/perfing dies, the PT 335SCC Multi can quickly switch from perfing to creasing to prevent digital toner cracking. Strike perf capability alloys that the PT 335SCC Multi to do partial perfs in both
directions for “T” or “box” perfs.

The PT 335SCC Multi makes short work of; business cards, greeting cards, invitations, brochures, pamphlets, catalogs, posters, book/CD covers, photographs, tent cards, and more by simply loading the high capacity 4” vacuum pile feeder. Processing sheets up to 350 gsm at speeds of 25 sheets per minute (8.5” x 11”, 2 cuts, 1 crease) the PT
335SCC Multi is an ideal finishing solution to maximize efficiency while minimizing operator intervention.

  • 25 sheets per minute
    8.5” x 11” 2 cuts, 1 crease
  • 110-130V, 50/60Hz, 15A
  • Minimum 8.26″ wide x 8.16″ long (20.98cm x 20.72cm)
    Maximum 13″ wide x 26.5″ long (33.02cm x 67.31cm) 40” handfed (104 cm)
Feed Capacity 4″
Feeder Type Air suction Pile Feeder
Input Paper Weight 150-350gsm
Input Paper Size 8.26″ x 8.16″ (20.98cm x 20.72cm)
13”x 26.5” (33.02cm x 67.31cm)
40” Hand Fed (104cm)
Minimum finished cut size 1.96″ x 1.89″
Speed Up to 25 sheets per minute
Crease Depth Adjustment 5 steps auto adjust
Crease Width Options 4 .6, 1, 1.2, 1.4 mm
Crease Direction Up or Down
Number of Slitters 6, variable gutters
Integrated Conveyor Outfeed Option Yes
Cut Mark Image Shift Compensation Yes (Lead and side)
Linear Perforating Yes
Strike Perf Option Yes
Cross Perforating Yes
Micro Perforating Yes 24/48 TPI
Custom Job Memory 64
Double Sheet Detect Yes Ultrasonic
Bar Code Job Recognition Yes
9″ Color Touchscreen Yes